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More Mandible Than You Can Handible
A Fractured Discography


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Stuff we've done.  Stuff we're doing.

Ok, this is going to be kinda weird so PAY ATTENTION!

SHIELD-EATER EP (tape only)

This tape is super rare because we only made twelve copies to sell at our second show. We were opening up for Davey Williams and Kevin Green at the Gallery 701. It contained 6 songs, 2 hidden tracks, lots of random noises, and literally MINUTES of silence. A few points of interest: each tape sported different art work; our show consisted of a 35 minute version of the tape's four minute title track; it was Spencer's first show with us; it was cold; we sold one tape and gave the rest away.


This CD is interesting because it was never intended to be a release. It was a mix tape that we made and then just burned to CD. Later, we made up track titles that we felt told a story and the Orpheus album was born. This is best listened to in the dark with headphones. More interesting info: this album contains lots of material that will also be released on the Pilesar solo discs in their original forms; most of the music actually predates the official Mandible recordings; although the track listing and liner notes state otherwise, these pieces had absolutely nothing to do with each other!


The second "official" Mandible recording but the fourth to be released. This album is just Mike, myself, and the four-track (there were a few guest appearances from friends and relatives). Much like Orpheus, but somewhat more focused, this album best represents our earlier work. Stuff: it took us over two years to get the tapes mixed and burned to CD; contains the original versions of "There's Nothing Wrong With You" and "Acka (Fracka)".


Contains 5 new compostions that most closely resemble the LIVE Mandible experience. Features new member Jason Tremblay on bass and vocals.  Things to consider: like everything else that we've done, this album was completely self produced; it was recorded at our practice space in West Columbia; Bone Krusher sings backup in "Spench" and "Pornstar"; it sounds like crap but it's the only recording we have of the quartet. 


Contains the short film "Time Expired" and the soundtrack. Practicing for this piece inspired us to perform under the guise of an ambient band for four different shows. Tid Bits: there are some people who still think that we're an ambient band and that we lack a live drummer; trust no one.


There are only 5 of these in existence. As the title suggests, this set of CD's feature the more abrasive side of Mandible. Feedback, drones, various rumblings, nasty distorted...EVERYTHING. Your ears will bleed. Contains the legendary "Hunters and Floaters" and the epic "Rifting the Hive" in its entirety.


More improvisational electronic music. Recorded during rehearsals for our fourth ambient show. Trivia: Organized, mixed, and produced by Michael Coleman. Features ______ on guitar.
This advance contains several tracks from SPENCH, out-takes from the ART NADA sessions, and a few surprises.   Request tracks on WUSC 90.5 FM Columbia. 

Mandible's long awaited new full length.  Due Fall of 2003.